World Realignment

World Realignment

“Germany, Russia, China, and India will be the ‘heart’ of a future Asian-based United Nations!” a South American diplomat whispered to me outside the U.N. Security Council which just voted on the Libyan no-fly zone.  “The world now is in transition and is re-aligning!” Further: “The French want Colonel Khadaffy to stay in power while Hillary Clinton wants him to flee!  I’m confused!”

“The entire island Kingdom of Japan has shifted.  The magnetic pole has moved.  The earth now rotates faster!” explained seismologist Tiko Isgama.  “Earth is not a Mother.  It is just a planet with a molton core, and a crust on which we live!”

“This is Year Zero!” exclaimed philosopher Dr. Ikita Yamamuro.  “To our minds it is Apocalypse Now! As a people we must rethink who and what we are!” Outside the Japan Society across from the U.N.  he was distributing the book “Japan Sinks” written by Sakyo Komatsu in 1973 – a fictional scenario where Japan gradually sinks beneath the waves causing a massive Japanese Diaspora.

“All major cities are vulnerable to dirty bombs and population planning must involve dispersing people to small towns and villages acrose the globe!” French futurist Andre Seigneur explained near the Manhattan Asia Society.  “The exodus from Tokyo of foreign nationals is just one indication of what can happen here if terrorists contaminate this city!”  He was speaking an unpleasant truth.

One million Russian protesters gathered in Red Square threatening to overthrow the government.  In a dream Stalin appeared to President Dmitry Medvedev and told him to do two things: First, to paint the Kremlin walls pink.  Second, to arrest all the protestors and deport them to Siberia.  “But why should we paint the Kremlin walls pink?” Medvedev asked.

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