The Obamacare Controversy

The Obamacare Controversy

“It’s not the role of the U.S.Supreme Court to protect the American people from the consequences of their political choices!” Chief Justice John Roberts told me in a copyrighted one-on-one interview. “Congress and the President passed Obamacare by charging fees -which they call a penalty- to help defray the costs of this universal health program. But since these ‘penalties’ and ‘fees’ will be collected by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) I consider these taxes.”

“The Wall Street Journal editors call you an illogical scoundrel guilty of flawed reasoning. Your many errors they call sleight-of-hand contradictions which carelessly eviscervate the Constitution. They charge you with being a politician rather than a judge!”

“Look Robert!” Judge Roberts responded, “When money passes between people and the government you can call it a bribe, a fee, a penalty, a kick-back, a commission, a payoff, or a tax. I choose the latter!”

“Insurance companies will drastically increase their premiums to cover pre-existing medical conditions as required by law. Drug addicts and those with AIDS will radically increase health-care costs. Illegals and the poor can’t afford insurance premiums. Expanding coverage will bankrupt the healthcare system and the middle-income earners will bear the brunt by paying huge premium increases. Young people will opt for the small penalty fee rather than pay large premiums. Fewer people will have coverage when small businesses drop medical coverage or layoff workers. Rationing as determined by panels will become the norm. This is what opponents of Obamacare claim, and they now hold you responsible!” I explained as respectfully as possible

“I promised to be humble and deferential when my appointment to the Supreme Court was approved by Congress. They make the laws and I respect the separation of powers between the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. I want to be loved and respected, but I must help maintain the relative independence of each branch of government!” he calmly explained to me, “Even if I must withstand the wrath of my fellow citizens.”

“A long life is not good enough!” he poetically stated, “But a good life is not long enough!” were his last words.

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